Philosophie this morning night light reviews

Ring lights easily create flattering light, as well as fun, circular catchlights, making them popular for portrait photographers, vloggers, and beauty influencers. Between the adjustable brightness, variable color temperature, and smartphone or camera mounts included, the light is one of the more versatile options on the market.

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As a constant light, it is suitable for both video and still photography, but may not reach the brightness of a ring flash.

Switching from a traditional flash to a circular ring light creates softer shadows, dramatic catchlights, and crystal clear macro photos. But for every possible use for a ring light, there are at least that many different models to choose from.

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Here are a few of our favorites, from on-camera macro flashes to a ring light for your smartphone. Because the light can both dim and adjust the color temperature, the Wescott ring light is ideal for a variety of shooting situations, including both shoot-through and off-camera use.

The light dims from 0 to percent, with color temperature adjustment from K to K. While the light itself is excellent, Wescott has also assembled a versatile kit too. The light can be powered via battery, with two included in the kit, or plugged in with the multi-voltage AC adapter.

A stand is included, and beyond that, a flexible smartphone mount and a swivel mount. That allows for versatility in not just the camera you choose, but the option to adjust the position more than just a basic tripod mount. Everything packs up in a case. The traditional ring light uses two tube lights at each side that can be shot simultaneously or individually for more creative effects. The ring light also includes a modeling light to preview the effect while you set up your shot.

Before you buy, check the mount compatibility — the light is designed to work with a handful of Canon-branded macro lenses. The R1C1 includes two speedlights that can each be controlled separately, allowing photographers to make one side brighter than the other to customize the look, or to keep everything on the same power for even lighting.

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The system is also wireless, which means that the flashes can be removed from the lens mount for even more versatility. The two flashes and commander come with an adapter ring, flex arms, and a case.

philosophie this morning night light reviews

The Nikon R1C1 kit is getting a bit older and is a rather pricey, but has the right feature set for many serious macro photographers. Despite the appearance, the Bolt VM is largely a continous LED light, though there is a flash mode, it lets out a half-second burst of light every time. That means it works for video too, but is much less powerful than a flash. Despite the budget price, the light has six brightness adjustments and can also be set to have one side off for more dimensional lighting.Shifts in the number of daylight hours—due to changing seasons or long-distance travel—can have varying effects on people.

For some, limited daylight hours can sap energy. For others, the effects can be more serious. After putting in 33 hours of research—including reading two books and five comprehensive studies on the subject and interviewing one of the scientists who discovered seasonal affective disorder SAD —we concluded that the Carex Day-Light Classic Plus is the best light therapy lamp to treat SAD symptoms.

You should use a SAD lamp or light box only under medical supervision, as it is in fact a medical device. This light has all of the specs our expert sources recommend, as well as a reasonable price and a generous warranty. It has a color temperature of 4, Kelvin. Of all the larger light therapy lamps we considered, the Boxelite has the most unobtrusive design. The Boxelite also has a warmer color temperature 3, Kelvin than our top pick, which may better suit your taste.

As with our top pick, you have to sit in front of it for only 30 minutes to benefit. The compact HappyLight Luxe shines brightly in multiple color temperatures and has an automated shutoff feature. However, its light is less powerful than that of our other picks. Its 9-byinch light surface has three color temperatures to choose from 3, 4, and 5, Kelvin, more choices than on our top pick or our also-great modeland it comes with a useful countdown timer. We looked at 50 lamps for seasonal affective disorder SAD and eventually tested 15 top-rated best sellers.

5 Best Night Light Projector Lamp - Best Product

Additionally, we read through many research papers from the past three decades. Many people experience some emotional or physical changes with the arrival of new seasons, especially winter: Your mood may swing, your eating habits might shift, and your energy levels may rise or fall. Some people are less able to cope with these changes.

philosophie this morning night light reviews

Other people feel the weight of these changes in a more serious manner. A third group experiences these changes so severely that their lives are seriously disrupted. If you have true SAD, the darker months may feel like a physical exhaustion that will never end. For example, one person may begin to feel SAD symptoms in September, whereas another will feel well until after Christmas. Therapeutic light boxes are not the only available treatment for seasonal affective disorder SAD.

However, as New York Magazine reported in its article on SAD lampspeople with a history of clinical depression or bipolar disorder may suffer an exaggerated response while using a light box and should consider this therapy only in close consultation with a physician.

As it turned out, most experiments up to that moment had not used lights bright enough to induce a measurable change in human melatonin or circadian physiology. With morning bright-light exposure, those rhythms are pushed back earlier, back into phase with their sleep.

The best ring lights for 2020

First, know that the FDA does not test, approve, or regulate light-box devices. We based our picks on research, customer feedback, and product specifications—including optimal sitting distances—provided by manufacturers, as well as conversations with experts who study and prescribe these units.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. If you're looking for a way to battle the dwindling daylight hours, our collection of the best light therapy alarm clocks are here to help. These bedside alarms offer an excellent alternative to our typical alarms, by gently rousing you with a simulated sunrise. In essence, these are the perfect alarms for people who hate alarms, allowing you to bask in the sweet embrace of darkness with blackout curtains without totally shutting our natural light.

If you're looking for more great ways to add a little more intelligence to your everyday routine, make sure to read our list of smart home and gadget reviews before taking a look at our best sunrise alarm clocks.

The Philips HF is the best sunrise alarm clock, featuring 20 different colored brightness settings and offers a steadily increasing light beginning at 20 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled alarm time. Additionally, the HF offers lux maximum light intensity and no replacement bulb is needed for the life of the unit, which provides years of value and better mornings.

Beyond the colored sunrise simulation, Philips does offer a more traditional alarm style with an FM radio and tap snooze function that allows for an extra nine minutes of sleep. The non-slip rubber feet provide easy placement anywhere on a nightstand where the HF can pull dual-duty as a bedside lamp for reading or relaxing.

The light simulation has 10 separate intensities at lux of maximum light, so buyers can find the appropriate brightness for their morning wake up. Additionally, the HF offers a snooze button that provides an extra nine minutes of sleep before it attempts to jump-start your day all over again.

Philips has sort of become the industry standard for light therapy, colored mood lighting, and, of course, wake-up lights. Their top-of-the-line option, the Somneo, is also one of the latest in their wake-up light lineup. And while it sports a high price tag, it gives you a lot of features built-in.

First, the wakeup feature: by setting the sunrise option, the clock will begin a gradual sunrise where the light gets brighter and colder as it gets closer to your actual wakeup time. But outside that core feature, it also offers a variety of wake-up sounds from a beachscape to a peaceful forest. There are also a number of wind-down modes that do the reverse of the wake-up — also with different accompanying soundscapes. If you are going for more of a meditative wind-down, you can also turn on the breathing mode that pulses the light and sounds to help you breathe more regularly.

Plus, with a halo-like design, it looks really nice on your bedside table. The sudden popularity of wake-up light alarm clocks has been great for achieving a more peaceful way of getting up in the morning.

The 10, lux UV-free light perfectly mimics sunlight, which allows for a natural boost in mood without the caffeine kick. The iHome Zenergy clock works like a typical light therapy alarm clock: ten minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off, the clock will emit simulated sunlight.

Natural sounds or the radio will then gently wake you up at your specified time. But the iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy machine also has a bevy of other features beyond just the alarm setting.In Theaters.

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And though the rhythms of Cromwell's household are some of the trilogy's most deftly-crafted scenes, and Cromwell's wandering thoughts its most lyrical ones, the meetings between Cromwell and Henry might be the most unforgettable — infuriating, deeply human, and utterly exhausting. This king reigned in a moment it seemed the world was falling apart; Cromwell's illegitimate daughter nebulously-historical Jane, here Jenneke believes theirs are the end days, and Cromwell seems hard-pressed to refute her.

Letters keep coming about the Holy Roman Emperor's methods and France's methods and the Inquisition; as despots go, Henry isn't the worst of the lot.A wake-up light may be just the right thing to make your mornings a little easier. This is a more organic, less sudden alarm than traditional alarm clocks, and can help you maintain a natural circadian rhythm.

Before buying a wake-up light though, there are a few things to keep in mind. Lights come in several colors, though yellow and orange are most popular.

So before you buy a light, learn more about our suggestions. Wake-up lights are a type of alarm clock designed to rouse you with sunrise-like light. You set the time you want to get up, and your wake-up light gradually gets brighter over a period of time — usually 30 minutes — prior to your wake-up time.

For example, if you set your wake-up light fora dim light would come on atand brightness would increase until it reached full strength at A soft alarm might also sound at the wake-up time you've set, but many users find they're already awake at this point.

Wake-up lights may help your body gradually stop the production of melatonin the hormone that makes you feel tired before you wake up, allowing you to feel more refreshed when you get out of bed.

Most users find it easier to get out of bed when they use a wake-up light as compared to a regular alarm. If you'll be getting out of bed before the sun comes up, a wake-up light can help adjust your natural circadian rhythms which usually tell your body it should be asleep when it's dark out.

Some people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder SAD find a wake-up light helps minimize symptoms. The default light color for most wake-up lights is a warm yellow or orange, which simulates the natural colors of the sunrise. However, some wake-up lights allow you to select between a range of colors such as blue, red, pink, or purple.

As well as the obligatory light, your wake-up light will come with an alarm. Some wake-up lights have a traditional beeping alarm that starts softly and increases in intensity if you don't shut it off. But many wake-up lights come with other options. You can find wake-up lights that offer gentle nature sounds — rainfall or birdsong, for example. Others have an FM radio so you can wake up to music.

Whatever sounds or alarms your wake-up light comes with, you can usually opt the turn them off altogether and use just the light to awaken yourself.

The 7 Best Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clocks of 2020

However, most people like to have some sort of audio alarm as a back-up. Just like a gradual increase in light can help wake you up, a gradual decrease in light can help you feel tired.

If you have trouble sleeping, you might be interested in a wake-up light with a sunset feature. This basically does the reverse of what the wake-up light does in the morning; it starts at full strength and decreases in brightness over a period of 30 minutes or so until it switches off.

philosophie this morning night light reviews

Some wake-up lights double as reading lights. This means you don't need a bedside lamp and can save some space on your nightstand. A wake-up light that serves as a reading light is especially handy if you're short on space, but it also appeals to anyone who prefers to pare down their possessions where possible. You can find wake-up lights to suit a wide range of budgets. Here's what you should expect to get for your money.A huge array of delicious food.

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